Monday, May 15, 2017

On thursday we visited at liceo Scientifico. There we had some sport activities and conference about drugs. At sport activities we tested archery and played table tennis, tennis and handball. In conference was very excited athmosphere, but most of the students learn something.

In the afternoon we had free time and everyone did what they did. In the evening we went to Letizia's countryside house and evreyone had fun there.

Wednesday 26.4. We visited at liceo Artistico. There students shown us some images and different techniques. Then we started to draw some flowers with our italian partners. Students drew very fantastic looking flowers.

After visiting at school, students went by the traditional train to department store Etnapolis. Teachers went by car. Etnapolis was bigger than Finnish department stores. Firstly, when we arrived to Etnapolis everyone went to McDonalds. At Etnapolis everyone did shopping in different groups and we had great time there.

Day in Catania

Friday we spent day in Catania. We went to one museum where was Andy Warhol's art show. After that we went to watch Escher's art show. 

We had few hours free time and we went shopping and eating. When we arrived back to Bronte, we spent the evening together at Giada's country house. 

Veera and Kaisla

Day in Randazzo

On tuesday we spent the whole day in Randazzo. We went there in the morning with our host-families. Randazzo was about 20 minutes away from Bronte. In Randazzo we went to see a lot of museums. We went to eat to someone's summer house. There were a lot of different food options. The food was good. In there we also sang some songs and talked to each other. 

After eating we went back to the centre of Randazzo to see few more museums. We visited a musical museum. There was a presentation about different nature sounds. Then we left back to Bronte. 

When we got back to Bronte we went to a cafeteria. We hung out there and we were very hungry because was nothing to eat. But then just before leaving we got pizza. Then some of us went back to home and some of us went to the square to hang out and play card games. It was a rough but nice day. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

On wednesday morning we played finnish sports and games. With us there were our primary schools 9th graders.

First we played floorball. We share our gym for two playing areas and share the people for four teams. In each team we had 4-6 players. Some italian students played floorball for the first time.

After floorball we played one finnish game called urban war. We didn't fight or do the real war so nobody died. For the game we built "battlefield" from benches, mattresses, and ballcages. Then we share people to team Finland and team Italy. Purpose of the game was threw balls to "kill" opponent players. The winner team is that who have "killed" all from the opponent teams players.

Team Finland getting ready for the urban war.

Team Italy deffending their side.

After urban war we played second game called hunter. In hunter there was few hunters who tried to catch other players. Other players were hiding in school area and escape the hunters. One period took 15 minutes and hunters will won when they caught all the others in that time.

We were working at our schools students lounge.

 After excersicing and school lunch everyone was pretty tired. Our art teacher Heini gave us some art works to do. We spent two hours on working and we had great time.

When we get our pictures ready we put them to our erasmus wall.

In the evening we were at local bowling alley and museum Wanhat Wehkeet. We started bowling after 5 and we did that 1 hour.  For some italians bowling was a new experience but some has done that before. After bowling we visited in museum. There were finnish items since 1900 century. Then there was a car museum, where italians found their favourite sctooter, the Vespa. In the collection there was also Fiat car.

On thursday we were classa in our school. Students got known for example our history and physics lessons. After classes all of us ate school lunch. After lunch some people went markets and others chill out in school. At 12 we went skating in Karsula ice stadium. We were there already on mnday. Everyone had great fun and most of italian students were used on skates.

In the evening we were to local youth center. There we played snooker and playstation, danced and eat treats. Finnish students made a little surprize for italian students and brought finnish dessert called Mämmi. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sunday 5.2

This was the first morning in Karstula with the host families. We spent the morning with our pairs. Some of us went to the frozen lake and we just basically did what we wanted. Then almost everyone went to the ice rink to watch ice hockey game, but italians weren’t very interested about that. They said that they prefer football more. After that we went to sightseeing tower Näkötorni and we grilled sausages and watched beautiful view over Karstula. Weather was nice and there was snow everywhere. Climbing to the tower was a little bit hard because the hill was so slippery and icy.
In the evening most of us went to the Nelli’s house and we had a movie night. We watched a movie called “I’m a legend” and we ate some snacks. When the movie ended we listened some very good Italian and Finnish music and watched music videos. Others were at Kaisla’s house and they played games like Alias and Uno.

Monday 6.2

First day at our school in Erasmus week. First we had language lessons, some of the students had French and some had Russian. After lessons we went to the auditorium and watched some videos about Erasmus project and our principal Anitta Rasi talked about Finnish school system. And Italians introduced themselves and told us about their school.
After introductions we played some name games to get to know eachother better. It showed us that some Italian names are really hard to spell to Finnish people. Then we showed Italians our school area and c
lassrooms. After that we went to eat school dinner and then to the ice rink to skate. Some of the Italian students skated for the first time. While we skated we also listened some music. Finnish students teached a famous Finnish dance to the Italians. It was from Antti Tuisku’s hit Keinutaan.
At the evening we all went to one cottage to spend some time together. Most of us went to the sauna and they went also from sauna outside to run in snow. Others played some board games. We also ate some snacks and then Italians tasted some Finnish sweets like Fazerin Sininen which is the best chocolate in the world and salmiakki which is typical Finnish salty licorice.

Kaisa, Nelli, Angeliina ja Annika

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday in Piispala

Friday was our last day together. We made a trip to Piispala youth centre. The weather was very good. First we got to know about the area, and then we seperated to two groups. One group went to see animals and the other group went to wall climb. There were very cute animals, for example two pigs, goats and a donkey. Wall climbing was hard but fun. Before we changed places we went to eat. 

When we arrived to school our principal gave the Italians certificates and Moomin mugs.  Then some of the Italians went to S-market to buy homecoming gifts and some went to sled hill. 

We spent the evening together in Kaisla's home. We ate pizza, blueberry pie and chips. We played games, watched videos and listened to music. We also played spin the bottle. The evening was very nice.

Veera, Kaisla, Elmiina